Tale creations...


I would like to introduce ourselves if you don't mind.
I am Ilis the Dutch Storyteller and my partner is called Erwin.O. Together we tell stories that we like to sell. And we are super good at it!

In the past we told, each individually, beautiful stories. And the people who listened to us hung on our lips!
Very early in my (ilis) maturity, I was advised to become a writer, since the stories flow from my mouth like that. But unfortunately life happened to me and I had no opportunity to document my stories. Serious illness, heavy accidents and death are partly responsible for this. It has ensured that I am now more aged in my stories that people now stick a label on it. Including a comparison with Stephen King or J.K.Rowling is a common fact.

I love sci-fi and fantasy stories, but ofcourse I  write more genres then only these two. The stories I have in my mind have surprises on non -conventional points.
And they are not straightforward either, like life itself.

Erwin saw a story bubbling in everything. That ensured that people found him a true entertainer.
Because people hung on his lips, he told the stories so confused with reality that people believed it was the truth! Even if he added  lugubrious details!

In the meantime we have ideas for animation, with drawings, but we have also completely writtenout stories, some even with an extra addition.

And then you definitely wonder, what kind of genre stories do we have? That doesn't really matter, we are real allrounders. Sure we each know our field, but together we bring the wow factor in it. Our material is very suitable for, for example, films, series, books, etc.

We can also provide concept ideas for other forms of programs, such as TV and streaming services content. On the shelf we also have a few things, from stories to games and everything in between!
Feel free to take a look around, there is probably something of your liking.